FusionOrb, so called because of the origins being the mysterious arrival of the Orb. Of course some scientists got their hands on it and utilised it to produce a fusion generator. Why not hey!

Previously the original white (grey scale) version of this desktop was available at Resexelence. Since then I have not done anything with it till now. So I loaded up the file and tweaked it heavily in Maya and then rendered it out with an all shiny new range of resolutions! Tweaked further in Photoshop.

Modelled and rendered in Maya. Post production in Photoshop. Changed the background colour, added gradient and pattern to the background. Finished up with specialised selections for the final resolutions; this was different to my normal procedure.

FusionOrb - Preview

Widescreen Mobile Standard
1440×900 640×960 – iPhone 1024×768
1680×1050 1024×1024 – iPad 1600×1200
1920×1080 1024×600 – Netbook 1280×1024

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