Ahh lets see. Perhaps it represents the dusty, foggy, cobwebbed nature of my thinking lately!

Interesting how I came about creating this. I loaded the gene-pool breeder. Filled it, then hit breed about 60 times without selection (inbreeding). By this stage they all looked very much alike so I chose one and rendered it out. It looked rubbish, the preview looked great though! Anyway. It was quite sluggish, then entering the X-form editor I discovered why. There were 722 X-form layers! So I experimented some more, deleting whole chunks and seeing what I got. Eventually I ended up with just one and it’s wasn’t very nice. But I started tweaking and editing from there and eventually ended up with this.

Produced using Oxidizer sl.

Spider Webs - Preview

Widescreen Mobile Standard
1440×900 640×960 – iPhone 1024×768
1680×1050 1024×1024 – iPad 1600×1200
1920×1080 1024×600 – Netbook 1280×1024

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