The dragonfly sits upon a grass blade in a tranquil blue environment.

This is a CGI, 3D work, produced using Maya (mac) for modelling and Photoshop (mac) for creating the surface images and rendered using Mental Ray (mac). I put many hours into this work and the original framed print sold early on during the opening night of SALA’s exhibition titled “Wind” held at Burra Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) during the year 2008. It was the first print I ever sold without first being commissioned. Unfortunately I was not able to do as much work on it as I had hoped. If you look at the detailed view crop you can see the level of detail on the surfaces are quite basic. I didn’t even have time to remove the plastic look of the skin. As it was I was a couple of hours late in submitting the print to the hanging staff at the gallery. Fortunately the gallery staff were very understanding and I am also very grateful that the printer didn’t decide to misbehave that morning as is customary of printers.

Dragonfly - Print

Bellow is a detailed view crop of the image at half resolution.

Dragonfly - Detailed View

Bellow is a screenshot of the scene/models showing the wireframe of the dragonfly and grass blade. What you’re seeing is as seen in Maya (mac) in one form as I see it while working on the project prior to rendering it with Mental Ray (mac). Cheers,. Brook

Dragon Fly - Wireframe

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