My second digital portrait. This one is Louise (my sister) which I produced for a portrait exhibition for the Burra Regional Art Gallery (BRAG).

I created this by first selecting a photo that had elements I wanted for the portrait. I did a quick guide overlay to get the correct position and ratios of facial features. Then I removed the photo from the image. From this point on I only used the photo as a visual reference using my eyes only. The image was created using Photoshop (mac) augmented by a Wacom Tablet.

If your interested in having one done I will be most welcome to do it. I would be willing to do the next couple for free as I would consider them as part of my development. Otherwise a fair fee would be most welcome. Feel free to discuss this all with me.

Portrait of Louise

Portrait of Louise

Bellow is a detailed view crop of the image at 72 ppi; resolution I worked at. Cheers,. Brook

Louise Portrait - Detailed View

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