My first digital portrait. This one is Kerry (my beloved and mother of my child) which I produced for a portrait exhibition for the Burra Regional Art Gallery (BRAG).

I created this by first selecting a photo that had elements I wanted for the portrait. I did NOT do a quick guide overlay to get the correct position and ratios of facial features. Instead I winged it which resulted in some very time consuming but interesting image surgeries. For this one  I only used the photo as a visual reference using my eyes only. The image was created using Photoshop (mac) augmented by a Wacom Tablet.

If your interested in having one done I will be most welcome to do it. I would be willing to do the next couple for free as I would consider them as part of my development. Otherwise a fair fee would be most welcome. Feel free to discuss this all with me.

Portrait of Kerry

Portrait of Kerry

Just to be clear the glasses on her head are actually safety glasses. The black lines on her clothing are apron straps. I snapped this photo as she was exiting her jewellery workshop.

Bellow is a detailed view crop of the image at 72 ppi; resolution I worked at. Cheers,. Brook

Kerry Portrait - Detailed View

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