A long, long time ago in a galaxy remarkably close if not indeed this very one I studied jewellery and metalsmithing and got myself my very own HECS debt and a shiny Bachelor of Design. Due to my recent pregnancy and now current breastfeeding status I have been reluctant to pursue my metal based art due to toxic type concerns. Soon however I hope to wield my trusty hammer and various other neglected tools before I forget how to ride this particular proverbial bike. Now to find the black hole where all my time and energy gets sucked in to, I’d like to make a withdrawl please…

While we wait here are some photos of my most recent work from 2009 with a predominant circular theme. I had a great time making these. The photos could be better but at least I have some documentation of my work before it went out into the world. I have allowed myself to keep the “Inverse Ships Wheel” for promotion purposes of course 😉

Copper and red coral pendant

Copper and Silver spinning flower pendant

Copper and silver ring

Port light pendant

Inverse ships wheel pendant

Copper, Silver and red coral pendant

Copper and Rainbow Jasper Pendant

Copper and rainbow jasper pendant 2

Brass and Silver domed pendant

Brass and silver domed pendant 2nd view

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  1. Comment by lobsterboy on the 5th, Oct 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Hey Kerry. I love this work, especially the jasper and gamet wire wrapped pendant. Amazing : )

    In the photo it looks like a ring and I was gonna ask how much. I think trace would like : )

    hope you guys are well

  2. Comment by Kerry on the 6th, Oct 2010 at 12:09 am

    Hi Dave, thanks and actually it is a ring, I did this post in the wee small hours and got one of the captions mixed up. Yes, heat treated copper and sterling silver. I have sold this one but if you would like me to do another perhaps as a pendant let me know. I think I owe you some work for some designs you did for me a while back so we could finally square that away 🙂 Also I still owe you a birthday present, I was intending to send you a print when I do my next printing run but if you would rather have some jewellery that is doable too.