Viento Open & Viento GT

For the purposes of car design I created, Viento the company that produces the Viento range of cars. Illustrated above are two version of the Viento range. This design flow is currently their flagship design of the same name. Viento GT is named so because of the sporty coupe GT design and the Viento Open is named so because of the convertible design. Yes I know it’s kind of obvious but it had to be said.

Viento GT, the car on the right, was the first version I designed and built. I used Maya to construct the cars and rendered them using Mental Ray for Maya. Viento Open, the car on the left, was a modification of the GT version. I performed these alteration after the completion of the GT version. Besides the obvious omission of the hardtop and the spoiler, this version includes elongated windshield supports, customised side windows and altered rear boot panel.

Viento GT

Above is a close up render of Viento GT.

Viento Open

Above is a close up render of Viento Open.

Concept Sketch #1

Above is the first sketch the led to this design flow. This is just one of many, many little sketches I do in an ever extending list of volumes of thoughts and ideas. At the time I didn’t immediately decide to develop and build it. Instead I keep sketching and later visited my ideas. This one stood out as something I liked. I should add that this wasn’t the only basic sketch along this line, but it was the one that got my attention.

There are aspects of this drawing that I wish I had managed to capture.

Concept Sketch #2

Above is the second sketch allowing me to explore the idea a bit further. As you can see there are a variety of additions that never got used. Further images were produced in exploration of the idea. But I did like the feel of this sketch and consider this an important step in the design process.

Generally I work from one plane, especially with cars. In my mind one image gives me enough information to create the object. In the case of a car the shape is generally consistent and the side view, if drawn well, will give you the information you need for the rest of the angles.

Concept Sketch #3

Above is a drawing I used to clarify my idea in preparation for the construction of the model. When constructing the model I, like many modellers, I use an image plane or two as reference. This was intended for that purpose which means the idea had to be more solid than it was in earlier stages. But I wasn’t entirely happy with it.

Concept Trace - Blend of #2 & #3

After further consideration flicking back to earlier images I realised a blend would be good. I produced the above image which is a 50% blend of the #2 and #2 images. It worked, it gave me the feeling from the loose sketch and the sterile accuracy of the blue print drawing. This is the very image that used while working in Maya to produce the early stages of the model. I changed the transparency of this image for this article because I like to make an image transparent while modelling so that it doesn’t get in my way while working. This saves me turning it on or off because I find it useful to see it in the 3D view during the initial stages of construction.

In case you’re wondering the reason the images line up so well is that the #2 drawing was traced for basic ratios before exploring the idea further, which produced the #3 drawing.

Viento GT version 15.1

Above is a render of the Viento GT in its relatively early stages.

Viento Wheel Detail - With Car

Above and bellow are close up renders of the Viento wheel. I was particularly happy with the detail I put into this. The rim is based on a Mercedes rim design I saw in a photo once.

Viento Wheel Detail

The above render was done as a result of my adjustment in knowledge where I rigged up the entire suspension to respond to a variation in wheel hight in relation to the body. I produced an animation of it in motion.

Viento Desmodus

To finish this up; above is a render of a third Viento model which is still in progress. The Desmodus is a vampiric inspired design. Notice the fangs up front, also the stooped hood and extended headlight body. Also the bat wing fin, swept windshield corners and some other things you can’t see in the render.

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